Black Trail Runners

About Us

Black Trail Runners is a community and campaigning group that seeks to increase the inclusion, participation and representation of Black people in trail running.

Trail running has a problem with diversity 

Running in the outdoors should be for everyone, but although trail running culture imagines itself to be inclusive, it is effectively for the few.

Black runners are woefully under-represented in the culture of trail running, and lack a voice in its organisation and visibility in its media.

Barriers to access mean that Black people are discouraged from enjoying our outdoor spaces such as National Parks and National Trails, and are effectively excluded from the joy of trail running and its many physical and mental health benefits.

Many outdoor spaces around the UK are racialised; 99% of visitors to the UK’s National Parks are White. 

Why it matters

With Black people excluded from the narrative of trail running, they are denied a powerful way to imagine themselves in the healing outdoor environment, which is increasingly important as a counterpoint to the diminishing public realm in our towns and cities.

Lack of diversity prevents the new ideas, new narratives, the new growth and the new performance levels that would inevitably come if more Black people were actively welcomed into trail running culture.

The exclusive environment of trail running raises difficult questions around prejudice and racism in the wider community. 

This is our response

We invite current, past and future trail runners to join us, to help develop the representation of Black runners in trail running, promote the inclusion of Black runners and increase participation of Black runners in trail running, ultrarunning and mountain running.

Join Black Trail Runners today, and help to improve the inclusion, participation and representation of Black people in trail running.

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